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Happy West Coast Marine Parker Customers

We take a lot of pride in what we do and perhaps the greatest acknowledgement of our efforts are testimonials from happy West Coast Marine Parker Owners. Read below to see what some of our valued customers and friends have to say about their buying experience with West Coast Marine Parker.

While returning from a two-day commercial fishing trip my old boat struck a piling; luckily, it stayed afloat but the insurance company deemed it “unrepairable”. I was left boatless, knew I wanted a Parker and that’s when I called Kevin Kelly at West Coast Marine. I dreaded having to deal with a boat salesman though; I just wanted a Parker. Skeptical and toothless from my accident, I flew from Northern California down to Newport Beach to meet Kevin. He surprised me with his personable, down to earth, compassionate and understanding personality. I could be friends with this guy. He spent an entire day driving me around town, meeting “his” people: the tower guy, electronics guy, various boats that he recently sold. He seemed to know everyone, and they loved him and acted respectful towards me.

The two and a half month process from ordering the boat to installing electronics to customizing a tower revealed that the boat itself was not the main focus. Instead, it was in the details—electronics (two gps’s, radar, autopilot, stereo), two steering configurations, and dual consoles. Kevin thoroughly followed through on each facet. He allowed me to choose exactly what I wanted even if it meant ordering it myself and cluttering his office with boxes, promptly returned my e-mails (sometimes at 5:30am), encouraged me to fly down again to visit his shop just so that he got everything “right”. Originally, I knew nothing about his connection with top-notch specialists like tower fabricators and electronics installers—but each did a thorough, beautiful job. Low and behold, the tower turned out to be the best part of my boat! During my second trip down to Newport Beach, we spent four hours discussing and laying out the tower in addition to exactly where and how the electronics would be installed. Kevin, the tower guy, electronics guy and I were exactly on the same page at the end of the trip. Because of this, the boat is just how I envisioned. It’s rare when you find someone in any business that will go that far out of their way just to be sure to get it right. From our first meeting after my accident to his 7 hour drive to personally deliver the boat to Northern California to the many e-mails in between, Kevin has done what he set out to do—to be sure the customer is “happy” (his words). In fact, I felt like I was Kevin’s only customer! Even after, he still keeps in touch. In the end Parker is the one who should be proud to have a dealer that not only loves and believes in their boats, but also goes that far out of their way to be absolutely sure that the customer is satisfied.
Thank you for everything, Kevin!

Proud owner of a new Parker 2320

Jed Tukman

Hi Kevin. Now that I've had my 2011 Parker 25 Walkaround for a year, I thought I would send you this e-mail with my experience with the boat and with West Coast Marine.

First, the boat: Because we immediately took the boat to Cabo San Lucas after having it outfitted, it was crucial that the boat be as reliable as possible. In that regard, it has been a 10 on a 10 point scale. After fishing the boat in many different sea conditions and weather conditions, it has proved to be remarkably reliable in all respects - both the boat itself and the twin Yamaha 150's. I couldn't be happier with the performance of the boat. We lost no days fishing to down time and had no issues with any of the equipment, including the additional gear installed by West Coast Marine prior to departure. The Pompanette Fighting Chair you installed proved itself right away - on our first trip, we hooked and released three blue marlin to 250 lbs, as well as a striped marlin. Debbe is most appreciative of the chair. The extra beam on the boat made a fabulous platform for our type of fishing.

My experience with West Coast Marine has been a pleasure throughout the buying and delivery experience. Everything you said you would do, you did - on time and on budget. Since this was our fifth boat buying experience, I can say that I didn't have the same experience with all of my prior purchases of boats. Thanks for making it such a quality experience, and fun as well.

Regarding your service operation in Newport Beach, the guys did a terrific job in getting the boat ready and serviced on time for the trip down to Mexico. They didn't miss a beat in getting everything installed and serviced on time and the parts inventory they put together will be invaluable in the years ahead in Mexico. Parts are a little trickier to come by down there. The time they spent with me going over the boat's operation and service requirements has already paid dividends for me. Please give them my thanks for the time and energy they invested in my boat's preparation.

Our first season is in the books now and we're already preparing for this year's fishing. My thanks to you and your staff for all of your assistance.

Best Regards,

Ron Dixon

I want to thank Kevin Kelly for making the purchase of my Parker 2320 a pleasure. Kevin went out of his way to ensure that all my requests for additional equipment were accomplished professionally and to my satisfaction. He delivered my boat to Rio Vista California for a very modest fee and spent several hours with us on the water explaining the features and maintenance while we broke in the engine. We all had a very enjoyable afternoon. Based on my experience, I would certainly recommend West Coast Marine for any purchase. Thanks Kevin

Michael Johnson

I bought my Parker from the dealer in San Diego that was on their way out of business. It was the worst purchasing experience I've ever had. They tried to make it up to me by doing my 20 hour service for free... in the process they scratched the s*** out of one of the cowlings, stripped the threads on one of the fuel filter housings, didn't properly secure the oil dipsticks on both engines which lead to the oil spilling out of them when the engines were up. My bilge was an absolute mess of oil....especially because I had a faulty valve on one of the through hull fittings so when I took her out the next time I took on a lot of water and that mixed with the oil. Anyway, I could keep going but I'm sure my point is made. When it came time to do my 100 hour service I had someone come to me to perform the service and it went okay...just okay.

I ended up meeting Kevin Kelly from West Coast Marine at the Fred Hall show in Del Mar last March. He is the closest Parker dealer to where I'm located. I decided to make the 1.5 hour drive up to Newport Beach the next time I needed my engines serviced. They were awesome. They trouble shot the problem I had with taking on water and repaired the through hull valve, they fixed some air bubbles in the glass on the gunnels (flawlessly) and performed the standard engine service. Its a bit of a mission to have to take my boat so far to get serviced but with what I have been through there is nothing better than feeling confident in the people working on my boat. If anyone else is in So-Cal and not feeling warm and fuzzy about the service you are getting, I highly recommend talking to the team at West Coast Marine in Newport Beach.

Side note....Kevin also made some vinyl panels with organizer pockets for the pilot house. They are great. I bought one for both sides and I use them for sunscreen, maps, licenses, knives, etc. Its great to have all those little pockets for knick-knack items.

Justin M

We decided to sell our 2120 2004 Parker and purchase a bigger version. My lifelong dream was to own a 2520 Parker with twin 250 HP Yamaha motors. We thought it was a bit out of our price range but Kevin Kelly at West Coast Marine made everything possible. He told us "You only live once . . . go for the gusto"! And of course, we believed him. We first met Kevin @ West Coast Marine in October of 2010 shortly after they took over as the California dealer for Parker Boats. We successfully sold our 2120 2004 Parker and now were in the market for that perfect boat, a Parker 2520 XLD. We gave Kevin all of our specifications/options and the rest is history. There were no problems and no surprises. Everything went smoothly thanks to Kevin Kelly's taking control of the situation and making sure everything went according to plan. We had 90% of our equipment installed at West Coast Marine, custom 21 rod rocket launcher, Raymarine GPS chartplotter, 48 gallon Bluewater bait tank, additional house bank of batteries etc, and everything turned out perfect. Kevin is a "hands on" type of guy and he makes sure everything is done exceptionally well.

We keep our boat in Marina del Rey and don't mind taking it back to Newport Beach for service since West Coast Marine did such an excellent job.

I would highly recommend Kevin Kelly and his crew at West Coast Marine for any and all service needs since West Coast Marine Service is one of only two Gold Certified Yamaha Dealers in Southern California.

Dale Kiefer, proud owner of "Easy Rider"

My latest boat purchase was a 2320 Parker Boat from West Coast Marine. They are the new Parker Dealer in California and were a pleasure to deal with. My salesman was Kevin Kelly. I have dealt with many sales reps in the past, and Kevin was by far the most knowledgeable and honest person I’ve met. He knew the ins and outs of the Parker 23’ like the back of his hand and was most accommodating when outfitting the boat to my specifications. His electronics guy, Dave @ Seaside Marine Electronics, did a first class job with all items expertly installed and neatly wired. Kevin was very thorough with all aspects of the purchase and communicated constantly with updates on the progress on all the additions I requested. In short, Kevin did what he said he would do! I was very pleased with our sea trial and he and Dave showed us how everything worked on the boat. I have even called him on a Sunday from the boat about a question and he was able to help me out. I trust Kevin so much that I’ve loaned him the boat to show a customer. I would have to say I don’t see Kevin as a salesman, but rather a good friend I made along the way.

Thank you,