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Yamaha F250 Offshore Four Stroke Outboard
Yamaha F250 Offshore Four Stroke Outboard

Yamaha F250 Offshore Four Stroke Outboard Motor

Yamaha engineers have managed to push their V6 4.2L Offshore technology even further, making offshore series a new breed of outboards. The F225 Offshore's class-leading, 4.2L big-bore design means it will have the best time-to-plane in its class. This next generation of V6 Offshore outboards features the first-ever marine application of plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders. This allowed engineers to increase the displacement to a class-leading 4.2 liters, without enlarging the outer diameter of the cylinder, keeping the motor light. The result is an outboard that is not only the lightest in its class, but that also has the largest displacement. 

Through incredible innovations like plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders, Yamaha engineers have managed to shave every possible ounce from these outboards, without sacrificing a shred of durability or reliability. As a result, they’re up to 73 pounds lighter than other V6 outboards in their class.

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Features & Specifications

Standard Features
  • Engine Type : V6 (60º)
  • Displacement : 4.2L (254 ci)
  • W.O.T. RPM Range : 5000-6000
  • Compression Ratio : 10.3:1
  • Fuel/Induction System : DOHC Fuel Injection VCT
  • Ignition System : TCI Micro Computer
  • Alternator Output @ W.O.T. : 70A
  • Preferred Fuel Octane : 87 P.O.N.
  • Starting System : Electric
  • Lubrication : Wet Sump
  • Gear Ratio : 21:12 (1.75)
  • Shaft Length : 25 in., 30 in.
  • Weight : 562 lb (255 kg)
  • CARB Rating : 3-Star
  • Warranty : 3 Year Limited Pleasure Boat - 1 Year Limited Commercial