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Yamaha F250 High Power Four Stroke Outboard
Yamaha F250 High Power Four Stroke Outboard

Yamaha F250 High Power Four Stroke Outboard Motor

The four stroke V6 outboard was a Yamaha first, and the F250 is the king-daddy of them all. It’s an offshore fisherman’s dream – famed for its power to plane, exhilarating acceleration and incredible top-end speed, yet so smooth-running, quiet and fuel efficient. The Command Link® Digital Electronic Control System (DEC) eliminates cables, providing smooth, effortless shifting and throttle functions, plus precision trolling in 50-rpm increments. The ECM (Engine Control Module) instantly adjusts the fuel/air mix to engine load and speed. Automatic multi-engine synchronization optimizes performance and fuel efficiency. With the F300, you’ve got the Yamaha reliability you need to confidently head for those far-off fishing grounds.

  • V6 24-Valve Double Overhead Cam – 4 valves per cylinder for maximum power, fuel efficiency and reliability
  • Digital Shift ing/Throttle – Command Link® Digital Electronic Control System (DEC), eliminates cable friction for smooth, reliable throttling and shifting
  • Maximum Performance and Fuel Efficiency – Yamaha’s Precision Electronic Multi-Point Fuel Injection
  • Incredible Thrust – Variable Camshaft Timing significantly boosts thrust in the critical 2000-3500 rpm range
  • Precise Throttle Control – a single, electronically-controlled throttle valve
  • VTS™ (Variable T rol l i ng RPM Switch) – fine-tune your trolling speed in 50-rpm increments
  • C.A.R.B. 3-Star Rating – for ultra-low emissions

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Features & Specifications

Standard Features
  • Engine Type : V6 (60º)
  • Displacement : 204.6 ci (3352 cc)
  • Compression Ratio : 9.9:1
  • RPM Range : 5000-6000
  • Fuel/Induction System : DOHC Fuel Injection VCT
  • Ignition System : TCI Micro Computer
  • Alternator Output @ W.O.T. : 46A
  • Starting System : Electric
  • Lubrication : Wet Sump
  • Gear Ratio : 15:30 (2.00)
  • Shaft Length : 25 in.
  • Weight : 602 lb (273 kg)
  • CARB Rating : 3-Star
  • Warranty : 3 Year Limited Pleasure Boat - 1 Year Limited Commercial